Hi, I am

Saqib Mughal

I understand, strategize, and create simple meaningful UX designs for your business that deliver.

User experience designer with passion to create user centered designs of complicated software applications. Driven by curiosity, understanding user's needs, generating ideas, and creating strategies to build a better user experience.

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I am an enthusiastic collaborator who likes to learn from actual users, and work closely with teams. Highly self-motivated and self-driven problem solver. To follow my passion, my personality has adopted few habits which help me to understand problems and find right solution.

My 25 years of work history is rooted in User Experience Design, Art Direction, Visual design, Research and Team building. My talent and expertise encompasses the know-how to combine creativity, usability and business knowledge resulting in an effective user centered experience for well-known organizations such as

Salesforce, Marriott Vacations Worldwide, Blue Green Vacations, Kerzner International, Mednax, Florida Virtual School, Miami Children Hospital, Seminole Gaming, and many more..


Track record of helping companies to increase in revenue with better UX.

Worked on complex enterprise applications of different industries

Desktop, Mobile App and Responsive design solutions

Certification in UX Design and Agile Methology


User Research


Brainstorm sessions to understand business vision and identify the scope of the project.

User Research

Conducting research activities such as 1:1 interviews to understand the challenge ahead.


Create personas to understand the expectations, concerns, and motivations of the users to satisfy their needs.

Experience/Journey Map

Create User journey maps based on observations and user research to understand the pain points and the opportunities for improvements.


Information Architecture

Card Sorting

Facilitating open and closed card sorting sessions with multiple users to understand mental models for content organization and labeling.

Information Design

Translate ideas from card sorting sticky notes into hierarchical information design to understand the screen and flow structure.


Interaction Design


Draw on paper or whiteboard the different ideas that could possibly the solution.

User flows & Scenarios

Define scenarions and wokflows showing steps and interactions towards each goal.


Create high-fidelity wires with enough details of layout and functionality.


Create interactive prototypes to bring the flows and interactions to life and get my ideas in front of key decision-makers and user focus group.


Usability Testing


Run usability tests on prototypes to observe users for improvements where needed.

Compare results

Compare usability results to know which is the better solution.


Visual Design

Art Direction

Provide visual design direction to align with user needs and improve the overall experience.

Visual Design

Create user interface with the philosophy of minimalistic design.


Saqib has been involved with have resulted in marked increases in members engagement with our products and this has translated to not only a better user experience but also an increase to company's business.

Luis Lopez, Assistant Director IA Team
Marriott Vacations Worldwide

I have worked with Saqib on several projects and found him reliable and creative professional. Saqib was able to deliver the results and subject matter expertise that we needed. Highly recommended!

Jason A. Silver, Cheif Executive Officer
CTI Consulting

Saqib is very professional and enjoys collaborating with everyone in his pursuit of excellence. Saqib goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional UX solutions.

Manuel Ormaza, Web Design Manager
Interval International

Saqib's attention to detail and the elegance and efficiency of his UX designs. His strong interpersonal and communication skills complement his technical skills perfectly.

Ivanona Ryan, Bussiness Analyst
Ultimate Software

UX Design Methodology

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